World leader of nano-powder large-scale production

The company uses advanced plasma gas phase synthesis method to achieve the industrialization of nano-powder production scale production company a total of 48 production lines, single-day production of up to 50 kg.

Nano-Si powder-50

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  • Nano powder:Si-50
  • Total oxygen content:<1.0%
  • Morphous:cubic
  • Average particle size:50nm
  • Specific surface area:100cm2/g
  • Bulk density:0.05g/cm3
  • Appearance color:Brownish yellow


    The product has high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density, the product is non-toxic,  high whiteness. Nanometer silicon powder is a new generation of photoelectric semiconductor material. It has wide gap energy semiconductor and high power light source material.

    The main purpose:

    Lithium battery anode material: nano-Si powder made of nano-silicon wire used in rechargeable lithium battery anode material, or in the nano-silica powder coated graphite used as rechargeable lithium battery anode material, improve the rechargeable lithium battery more than 10 times the power Capacity and charge and discharge times.

    Nano-silicon semiconductor luminescent materials: Silicon / silica nanostructures designed on silicon substrates can achieve photoluminescence and forward or reverse bias from the main wavelength bands (including 1.54 and 1.62μm) from near ultraviolet to near infrared Under the low threshold voltage electroluminescence.

    Aluminum castable: adding Si powder can significantly reduce the creep rate of high-temperature castings of high-temperature kiln, to prevent the creep of the lining to produce cracks, peeling, improve service life.

    Car beauty products: increase gloss, fill the surface of fine cracks.

    Tire cord fabrics: adding nano-Si powder to the tire cord fabric can increase the 300% tensile stress, tensile strength, tear strength, reduce the mooney viscosity of the vulcanizate, and have a certain reinforcing effect on the compound.

    Paint: In the coating system to add nano-Si powder, can improve the anti-aging paint, scrub resistance, anti-staining performance, and ultimately extend the service life of paint.


    This product should be stored in a cool, dry room, and avoid stress. The powder without the treatment of surface should not be exposed to the air during the use, to aviod absorb moisture agglomeration, affect the dispersion performance and the use of results.