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The company uses advanced plasma gas phase synthesis method to achieve the industrialization of nano-powder production scale production company a total of 48 production lines, single-day production of up to 50 kg.

Nano-TiN ceramic powder

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  • Nano ceramic powder:TiN
  • Purity:>97%
  • Total oxygen content:<1.0%
  • Morphous:Cubic structure
  • Average particle size:20 nm
  • Specific surface area:48 m2/g
  • Bulk density:0.08g/cm3
  • Appearance color:black


    This product is high purity, small particle size, specific surface area, high surface activity, UV shielding more than 80%, with good barrier properties. The material has good electrical conductivity, can be used as electrolytic electrolytic electrodes and electrical contacts and other conductive materials.

    The main purpose:

    Plastic field: 

    1) PET beverage bottle modification: a lower thermoplastic forming temperature, saving energy 30%; b cover yellowing, improve product brightness and transparency; c as a beverage bottle heat distortion temperature for high temperature cans.

    (2) for PET beer bottles: PET bottles to keep the product colorless and transparent appearance, improve the gas barrier performance of more than 10 times, adding only one thousandth.

    (3) PET engineering plastics strengthening: a small amount of nano-titanium nitride powder dispersed in PET engineering plastics, PET engineering plastics can greatly speed up the crystallization rate, making it simple molding, improve the overall strength of plastic, while the nano-effect can significantly improve the PET Engineering plastics wear resistance and impact resistance.

    Film area: titanium nitride film coated with titanium or a new "hot mirror material", when the thickness of the film is greater than 90nm, the infrared reflectivity of more than 75%, improve the glass insulation performance. Titanium nitride film color can also be adjusted, with the reduction of nitrogen content, the film will show golden, bronze, pink and other colors, very beautiful.

    In the solar vacuum tube on the application of high solar absorber: Taiwan enterprises using our products in the experiment found that the product to add a ratio of one thousandth of the solar heater coating can be within 3 minutes to increase the water temperature 4-5 The Can replace the traditional vacuum coating, a significant reduction in production costs. 

    Ceramic field: titanium nitride is used for high-strength cermet tools, jet propulsion, and rocket and other excellent structural materials.

    Metal field:

    (1) Titanium nitride has a high conductivity, can be used as electrolytic electrolytic electrode and point contact, film resistance and other materials. Titanium nitride has a higher superconducting critical temperature, is an excellent superconducting material.

    (2) The application of cemented carbide: the use of powder metallurgy principles and methods (including nano-dispersion technology and technology), adding nano-TiN can refine the metal grain. The whisker structure is formed in the alloy, and the hardness and toughness of the alloy are improved obviously.

    Application of high heat emissivity coating: nano-TiN powder as a high temperature in the use of high thermal radiation coating the key material. The plasma coating technology was used to prepare the coating material. The results showed that the thermal emissivity was improved greatly. The product was mainly used in high temperature furnace energy saving, military industry and so on.

    LCD panel: titanium nitride high melting point, corrosion resistance for use in the LCD panel, instead of electrical corrosion has occurred in the wire, can effectively prevent the line break and peeling phenomenon.


    This product should be stored in a cool, dry room, and avoid stress. The powder without the treatment of surface should not be exposed to the air during the use, to aviod absorb moisture agglomeration, affect the dispersion performance and the use of results.