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Composite steel water purifier

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  • Product Name:Composite steel water purifier
  • Specifications Model:KRJ
  • Shape:Particles
  • Average particle size:0-2mm
  • Packing:2Kg/bag
  • Appearance color:black

    Product description:

    Nano-composite steel water purification agent by the nano-TiN and some purification, deterioration and other functions of the powder material by a certain percentage of mixing, in addition to excellent purification of molten steel function, there are certain deterioration effect, improve the internal organization of steel, Mechanical properties of steel. After the product is put into the rapid adsorption of molten steel impurities, effectively avoid the inclusions are difficult to discharge caused by ingots and castings loose, stomata, sand, cracking and other defects; can also refine the grain to enhance the steel and casting plasticity, toughness The This product is placed away from the furnace high temperature and humid areas, to prevent heat, moisture decomposition. (This product can be based on the actual situation of the customer for the corresponding size) .

    Design concept:

    In the process of smelting, due to scrap, ferroalloy, refractory and so on into a large number of impurities and harmful gases, especially high alloy steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, containing high Cr, Ni, Mo and Nb, Ti and other elements , And most of the steel is very low carbon content, so in the smelting process deoxidation to gas are more difficult. Steel inclusions (oxides, sulfides, etc.) is not easy to float, it is difficult to discharge. Steel ingots prone to loose, pores, sand, cracking, scarring and cold separation defects, resulting in steel plasticity, toughness reduction. Nano-steel water purification products, both to clean steel, but also to refine the grain target.


    The cleaning agent has the function of deodorizing, desulfurizing and dephosphorizing, thereby greatly reducing the inclusions in the molten steel.

    Refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties of steel, so that its toughness, plasticity is greatly improved.

    Reduce the steel slag, porosity, cold and other defects.

    Improve the yield of products during the rolling of steel products.

    Improve the quality of steel inside and outside, effectively remove the surface cracks.


    Applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, high-strength low-alloy steel and other steel. Nano-composite steel water purification agent in the precision casting, etc., for the elongation has greatly improved.