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The company uses advanced plasma gas phase synthesis method to achieve the industrialization of nano-powder production scale production company a total of 48 production lines, single-day production of up to 50 kg.

Coal-fired nanocatalyst

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  • Specific gravity:1.03-1.06g/cm3
  • Viscosity:40-60mpa.s
  • PH:6.8 non-corrosive
  • Boiling point:230 ±5 ℃
  • Freezing point:-30 ℃
  • Appearance:Black liquid

    Product description:

    The nano-particles are used to break through the methods used in the catalytic combustion of coal combustion. The nanometer surface treatment technology, nano-dispersion technology, nanostructure assembly technology, and so on are studied by using the quantum size effect, small size effect and surface effect of nano-particles. The nanostructure combination produces a new effect. In the combustion process, the combustion energy of the nano-particles is enhanced by the synergistic effect of the quantum size effect and the surface effect of the nano-particles in the combustion process. The activation energy of the combustion process is accelerated and the agglomeration of the macromolecule organic matter is accelerated and effectively enriched Oxygen, to make it fast and full combustion, reducing the exhaust emissions, so as to achieve saving coal, improve the thermal efficiency of the significant effect; the same time, due to the catalytic channel can make sulfur dioxide and ash in the RO, R2O phase in situ Reaction, the formation of stable sulfate and be cured, effectively reducing the sulfur dioxide emissions; due to the reduction of the ignition point and the use of a significant reduction in air consumption, nitrogen oxides in the combustion process is also significantly reduced the amount of production.

    Mechanism of action:

    The addition of coal-fired nanocatalyst coal in the combustion process, resulting in osmoticoxidationcatalyticfission and other exchange effects, to promote the activation of carbon oxidation reaction can be reduced, macromolecule organic fission accelerated, effective enrichment of oxygen, make it uniform, Stable and sufficient combustion, so as to achieve coal saving, improve thermal efficiency and reduce the significant effect of nitrogen oxide emissions; while sulfur dioxide and ash in the alkaline earth metal reaction to accelerate the formation of stable sulfate, effectively reduce sulfur dioxide emissions.

    Main Ingredients:

    Nano-powder, dispersion, oxidation and other non-ionic, cationic polymer materials; without S, CL, F and other elements; non-toxic side effects.


    Improve the efficiency of coal combustion, coal saving rate according to different circumstances can be 3% -8%;

    Reduce the emission levels of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides;

    Reduce the amount of air consumption, reduce the amount of coal, reduce the fan and coal consumption;

    Effectively improve the boiler slagging, coking situation; 

    Use scope:

    Applicable to thermal power, thermal power, chemical plant coal-fired boiler;

    Applicable to pulverized coal boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers,

    Applicable to bituminous coal, anthracite, low quality coal;

    Applicable to iron ore plant blast furnace, cement plant of the new dry kiln;