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Automotive Lubricant Additive

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  • Product Name:Lubricant Additive
  • Appearance:yellowish gray
  • SAE Viscosity grade:15W-40
  • Kinematic viscosity (100 ° C):14.18mm2/s
  • Flash point (opening):226℃
  • Pour point:-26℃
  • PB (maximum no card bite load):142Kg
  • Wear marks:<0.29mm

    Main Ingredients:

    Composited by nano-aluminum nitride, nano-silicon nitride, nano-boron carbide, colloidal graphite, organic anti-wear agent and other materials. The nanometer material has a particle size distribution between 10 and 20 nanometers, and a highly dispersed particle size distribution interval of 10-40 nm.


    "Product mechanism" using modified nano-ceramic powder - nitrides, carbides, combined with a new generation of high dispersion technology, to prepare a new nano-lubricants additive. As the nano-material scale is very small (additives in the nitride carbide powder particle size of 10-20 nm), can easily penetrate the metal surface fine defects in the metal surface to form a layer of ultra-thin ultra-thin nano-thin film The At the same time, nano-powder particles also have a bearing ball self-lubricating effect. Compared with traditional lubricants, nano-lubricating oil additives can greatly reduce the friction loss of each friction parts, to achieve anti-wear engine, to extend the service life, energy saving purposes.


    Anti-wear effect: After adding nano-lubricating oil additives after the extreme pressure of lubricating oil (maximum no card bite load) to improve the two levels, a good protection of the engine, extend the oil drain cycle, reduce maintenance costs.

    Good fuel efficiency: to improve the lubrication effect, reduce mechanical friction, improve the engine power performance indicators, can save fuel 3% -5%.

    Clean the combustion chamber.

    Ceramic nano-powder good thermal effect can avoid high temperature, reduce the phenomenon of burning oil.

    How to use:

    Turn off the vehicle, poured it into the engine oil hole of the engine (gasoline engine) according to the engine displacement. (Example: car 2.0 displacement, add 200 ml) is completed, start the car 3 to 5 minutes. Oil cleaning conditions to add, driving 300 km after the effect is better. It is best to add when car maintenance is done.