World leader of nano-powder large-scale production

The company uses advanced plasma gas phase synthesis method to achieve the industrialization of nano-powder production scale production company a total of 48 production lines, single-day production of up to 50 kg.

About US

A.    Basic information

Hefei Kaier Nano Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 29, 2009, which located in Tianshui Road, High-tech Development Zone, New Station, Hefei. It is the high-tech enterprise which combined development, production and application sales as one in Anhui Province, also one of a small number of international nano-ceramic powder material production enterprises. The legal representative: Chairman Zhang Fenhong, the registered capital: 120,000,000.

Business scope: nano-powder, heat treatment equipment, production and sales of thin film solar cell; technology research and development, advice, transfer of nano and thin film solar cell; the machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials and technology import business (except for national restrictions) that required by the operation of enterprise own products and technology export business.

The company currently has a production base area of 196.67 acres. The enterprise has completed the early new plant in high-tech development zone, new station, Hefei, which including two nano-powder production workshops, two staff shift dormitories, the institute of experimental building, the machine repair shop, the integrated service building, the variable distribution center and all kinds of industrial gas stations and tank areas, initially formating an annual output of 500 tons of nano-ceramic powder material production capacity.

B.    Advanced technology and team

The enterprise is the only one which has the complete independent intellectual property rights and industrialization capacity of nano-ceramic powder material production.

After the continuous research and development efforts and arduous pioneering for more than 10 years, the enterprise has accumulated a solid field of nano-materials R & D capacity and team. At the same time, the enterprise combined the R & D and market applications closely to take the research direction of the market development and R & D. 

To meet the market demand, the enterprise developed the nano-material with strong market adaptability, invited China nanomaterials chief scientist - Professor Zhang Lide as the chief adviser, specifically reghistered and established Anhui Province Kair nanotechnology research institute in Anhui Civil Affairs Department, the R & D team has the well-known experts and professors in nanomaterials in China, the senior mechanical engineers, the materials science doctorate, the Master of Business Administration and a number of outstanding talents. Over the past few years, the company Institute carried out a number of cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Solid State, China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, Tianjin Nankai University and other relevant domestic research institutes, made a large number achievements of nano-ceramic powder material application: application of nanometer alloy modifier, application of nano-modified PET engineering plastics, application of coal-fired nanocatalyst, application of nanometer silicon nitride in modified tire compound, application of nano-aluminum nitride modified lubricating oil, application of nano-silicon carbide modified plating solution and so on. Institute has also made great achievements of nano-materials in the dispersion technology through broking the bottleneck restricting the large-scale application of nano-products which will enable domestic enterprises to demand the application of nano-materials by leaps and bounds. The technical person in charge has the international advanced level of technology, with continuous innovation and development of existing product technology capabilities to ensure the company's products with the world simultaneously high-tech level and advanced.

In the patents and proprietary technology, the industrialization capacity and large-scale production capacity, the company has a relatively solid technical foundation and protection. In the production line equipment of nano-ceramic materials, the company has a complete patents and proprietary technology at all stages.The company currently has many invention patents and utility model patents. 

Many products and projects has been included in the national science and technology support program, the National Torch Plan, the national fifteen research projects and other state-level industrial support policy, the company was included in the Strategic Emerging Industry Directory of Anhui Province.

The industrialization capacity of nano-ceramic materials is the only in domestic. In terms of scale, the large-scale production capacity of various types of nano-ceramic powder materialsof which is 5 kg for single production line and single production shift is ranking the world's advanced position. The comment by National Nano Assessment Group is 'Domestic initiative, international leader'.

C.     Strategic planning and market position

Strategic objectives: Becoming the leader of Asia ceramic nano-materials industry, the nano-ceramic materials production, research and development and sales enterprise that No.1 in Asia, top three in the world.

The one of the enterprise industrial produces special nano-ceramic products in China , one of the few international nano-powder production enterprises, with high international reputation. Products are 'Domestic initiative, international leader'.

D.    Company culture

Vision: Leading the world level, being the industry leader

Mission: Make contributions for technological upgrading of the traditional industry to contribute to in the field, catch up with the world's advanced level for the community of new materials and new energy, to create value for society.

Spirit: Honesty and efficiency - to be done, to be effective

Team participation - share different views, learn from each other

Continuously innovation - break through the framework of thinking, encourage to learn by analogy

Keep improving - efforts to pursue perfection, the details determine success or failure

Core value: innovation comes from practice, creating services to society   

Quality policy: keep improving, continuous improvement, never-ending pursuit of high quality

Business concept: customer-oriented, technology-based, customers are always partners

Talent concept: talent is the most important capital

Cost concept: saving to create value

Development concept: scientific and technological innovation is the source of life

Team spirit helps me voyage

E.     Honorary title

In 2008, Hefei Kaier Nano Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "High-tech Enterprise of Anhui Province" and "Innovative Enterprise of Hefei City". In 2012, Hefei Kaier Nano Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the "High-tech Enterprise of Anhui Province" title.